The Oahu SPCA Capital Campaign for the New Shelter and Emergency Care/Sterilization Facility.

The Oahu SPCA was founded in April of 2009 and launched its mission, “Every healthy, treatable animal will find a forever home.”

The overwhelming support of our community was instrumental in helping to establish the first Oahu SPCA and the largest animal welfare organization in the state of Hawaii with a no-kill philosophy. On July 18, 2009, 432 animals were relinquished to the Oahu SPCA after the owner of an animal sanctuary in Waianae passed away. The Oahu SPCA rescued all 432 animals in 48 hours, which marked the largest animal rescue in the history of Hawaii.

Animals make a significant difference in the lives of people and families of Oahu. Approximately 60% of the families on Oahu have pets. The Oahu SPCA assumes much of the responsibility for them in our community. We rescue, rehabilitate and protect these animals from abandonment and cruelty. We care for approximately 200 dogs and cats per day at our shelter. Almost 2,000 animals are rescued, rehabilitated, and placed in new homes each year. The Oahu SPCA relies on funding by private individuals, businesses and corporate sponsors. We also rely on the dedication of over 4,000 volunteers. Our large volunteer force ensures the majority of funding we receive goes directly towards the care of our rescued animals. This encompasses all necessary surgeries and treatments, including orthopedic surgeries, corrective eye surgeries, tumor removal, sterilization, micro chipping, and inoculations.

It is estimated that 365,000 dogs and cats are part of families on Oahu. Nearly 30%, or 120,000, are not sterilized. The problem of animal overpopulation is compounded each year by our climate, which promotes year round breeding, as well as the growing transient human population. Two unaltered dogs and their offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years. In seven years, two unaltered cats and can produce 160,000 kittens. The ramifications of these numbers translate to more than 33,000 homeless pets on Oahu per year, that are abandoned at shelters and in our neighborhoods.

The Oahu SPCA has trapped many of the feral dogs on our island. These free-roaming animals endanger drivers, children, visitors, and especially themselves. Feral dogs and cats spread disease to humans and pets, procreate amongst themselves, and enter into our properties endangering our pets. We sterilize, behaviorally rehabilitate, and adopt them to forever homes. Before we were established, it was common to see packs of puppies running along the freeways, imperiling both themselves and motorists. We are the primary organization that rescues the companion animals of the houseless population. Knowing that their animals will not be euthanized, treated well and adopted to a good home helps them enter into transitional housing or mental health facilities that do not accommodate pets.

The Oahu SPCA is pleased to announce that we have purchased a two acre Agricultural property in east Oahu. We are very excited to be moving to our new facility in early 2015. Our new environmentally friendly structure (seen above) will be double the square footage of the facility we are currently operating in thus increasing the capacity and efficiency. The Oahu SPCA is seeking funding for the construction costs and building materials. Now more than ever we are in need of your corporate sponsorship and the support of generous individuals to fund the new Shelter Facility.

In commemoration of your tax-deductible donations of $25,000-$1,000 you will be honored by an engraved tile on our entry reception commemorative wall. For donations of $25,000 or more, we will place your company’s logo prominently on our new Shelter Facility. The Oahu SPCA is a Class

“A” 501c3 non-profit corporation. A Class “A” non-profit corporation offers the maximum rate of deduction (50%). 100% of a charitable donation can be treated as a carry forward deduction until the full amount of contribution has been credited.


Sterilization is the key to humanely reducing pet overpopulation, the number of homeless animals and saving lives. The new Oahu SPCA state of the art Sterilization Clinic will enable our sterilization program to continue to grow.

We provide the lowest cost sterilization and veterinary services offered to the public as well as education on the importance of responsible pet ownership. This is key to our Mission and will significantly reduce the number of homeless and abandoned animals on our island.

The Oahu SPCA is the first to provide the non-surgical, zinc-based sterilization technique for male dogs, Zeuterin. We provide this sterilization technique to the public for $60 versus surgical sterilization offered by most veterinary clinics at approximately $300.

We are the youngest shelter in history to receive DJ&T Foundation Grant Funding which allows the Oahu SPCA to provide 100% of sterilization and micro chipping cost for any dog owners who cannot afford these costs.

The Oahu SPCA was voted the #1 Charity in Hawaii out of all the registered non-profits. Our website receives 9,000 hits per month and our Facebook page has 6,800 followers. We acknowledge each of our benefactors on both platforms and our extensive media coverage. Our organization has become a community center where families can come together, learn to help those that are less fortunate, and learn what it means to be a responsible pet owner. We have become a vital force in our community since we established the largest animal shelter in Hawaii with a no-kill philosophy. Together we can save the lives of thousands of animals each year and improve the lives of people in our community each day. Please join us in supporting our Mission.

We need your help today to establish our new, permanent Facility and to continue our mission of saving lives.

Mahalo for your support,

All of us from the Oahu SPCA

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One of our success stories
One of our success stories

The Lieutenant Governor presents The State of Hawaii’s DBEDT, SEP Grant.
The Lieutenant Governor presents The State of Hawaii’s DBEDT, SEP Grant.

Oahu SPCA receives the City and County Community Service Award
Oahu SPCA receives the City and County Community Service Award